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ADAPT IT- Advanced Computer Skills 10 Days, 18 – 29 June 2018

After successfully training on Adapt IT staff in 2015 on Office Etiquette, ADAPT IT once gave Phendula an opportunity to train 40 unemployed youth from Marianridge, Durban in Advanced Computer Skills, the course included but not limited to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Outlook PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Career Development. Some amongst the youth had never touched the computer in their entire school years, there was some who hoped this was an employment opportunity or at least it should have led to them getting employment, but it was explained that this was empowering them to be employable and even think of setting up their businesses.
Learners were very excited of the opportunity and there were more requests than the course could take at the time. ADAPT IT on the other hand was just as excited to contribute in the community to improve their skills and possibly increase chances of them being employable.
It was humbling to witness the joy the learners experienced on receiving certificates on the last day. This being the only certificate they have ever achieved for almost all of them. They could not stop thanking the sponsors (ADAPT IT) for a wonderful opportunity as they understood that the computer certificate was a key to many doors in their lives.

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